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Duane Campbell

Meet Duane Campbell: a Buffalo, New York native turned Louisville, Kentucky transplant, a proud veteran of the United States Army, and the youngest of three brothers. After graduating from Central High School, he pursued his passion for sociology and psychology during college, honing his poetic writing style, which is a fusion of rhythmic cadence, at times rule-breaking in its grammatical nuances, reflecting his expressive identity.

Now, an accomplished author, Duane draws inspiration from literary giants like his late father Ralph A. Campbell, Malcolm X, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Kahlil Gibran, Steve Coakley, James Baldwin, Dr. Amos Wilson, Fred Hampton, Baba Dr. John Henrik Clarke, and Baba Dick Gregory. His writing encapsulates a rich tapestry of influences.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Duane has taken the stage as a motivational speaker and lecturer, inspiring audiences nationwide across diverse settings. With over three published books under his belt, he proudly calls Louisville, Kentucky his home.

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