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Psychology of Oppression:

Explores the Tangible and Psychological Influences that Perpetuate the Oppressive State-


White Supremacy/ Fact or Fiction:

Is "White Supremacy a Psy/Op (Psychological Operation) or a Systematic and Sociological Reality?


Hostile Takeover (A Systematic and Psychological Manifestation of a Cultural Reality):

Book Discussion Event Exploring the Creative Motivation and Explanation of the Work Itself-


As a Man/Woman Thinketh:

Power and Influence of Self and Collective Perception-


You Can't Diminish Me:

Inner Strength Defies the Skeptic


Defend Your Position:

Say What You Mean... Mean What You Say...

Just Kickin'It

Where Does Our Rage Come From and Where Does It Go?

Explores the origins of our rage and the misconceptions of our fear-


Stop It:

Transcending the Dilemma-

Open Discussion

Exploring various topics from the audience-

The Ops

Do You Know Who Your Real Ops Are?

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